Day 4, Adjusting.

Blog Post created by MamaCanuck on Feb 13, 2018

I'm exhausted today. The frequency and intensity of cravings seem to peak around the 72 hour mark, and today I feel wiped and drained. I feel the detoxification process my body is going through. It's not surprising considering I smoked every day for the past decade, starting first thing in the morning and sometimes the addict in me would even wake me in the middle of the night for a fix. I feel as if I'm coming down with a sore throat and bronchial bug, whether this "flu" feeling is part of the process of detoxification or I'm just feeling run down I don't know, but I'm keeping up the fluid intake, water, herbal tea, and multi-vitamin supplements. Not much of an appetite today, surprisingly, as I had an increase in appetite the first couple of days. I'm feeling guilty that I should have done this long before now, and why did I waste so much time harming myself and talking myself out of doing this great thing, but it also feels so good to be taking charge and just doing it, putting more and more distance between myself and that self-destructive rollercoaster ride I was trapped on. I envision it like an object in a rearview mirror getting further and further away until it's just a tiny dot, a speck way back in the distance.  The urges and cravings are less intense now, less frequent, like a nuisance I just wish would hurry up and pass. I'm hoping this exhaustion passes soon as I have so much I want to do now that I'm not consumed by just making it through the day.