Day 2, Benefits!

Blog Post created by MamaCanuck on Feb 11, 2018

Good morning everyone!


This morning I woke up a little earlier than expected, but the most amazing thing happened. I have arthritis in just about every joint in my body, the pain and stiffness slow me down and sometimes sideline me altogether. Mornings are usually the worst, stiffness and pain, as soon as my feet hit the floor. This morning I got up like I'd shed a cement body suit! I have joint pain, yes, but the stiffness is so much lessened, I'd say 70-80% improvement ! I'd read that one of the best things I could do to help my arthritis, and spine particularly, was to break up with those coughing sticks, and here I am proof that that's sound health advice! In keeping with changing old for new healthier habits, I'm having a cup of tea right now, instead of my usual coffee, and it's helping reinforce new routine. My appetite has returned and improved so I'm snacking on some green seedless grapes. I'm trying not to think about later, or tomorrow, or yesterday, but just be where I am right now as I type these words.


I'm not going to say this is easy. It takes willpower but more so determination and resolve to develop new habits and to look forward. I'm having challenging moments that I'm going to share on this journey, but I don't want to talk about them in the language of cravings and old habits. We all know about that stuff, and I know dwelling on that-thing-I'm-not-doing-anymore thinking and "oh this is so hard/this is going to be so hard" is a recipe for fail, and fail is not an option, we are going to WIN!


So N.O.P.E Not One Puff Ever!


Namaste/ Blessings