Day 1, Here We Go!

Blog Post created by MamaCanuck on Feb 10, 2018

I removed all smoking- related items from sight, woke up this morning to start my new life and I'm about two hours into my quit. I knew giving up nicotine and coffee at the same time was not a viable plan, so I resolved to change my morning routine. Instead of waking up, making coffee and going outside to have a smoke, smartphone in hand to clear all the promotional junk mail out of my e-mail, I woke up, made my coffee and sat down at the laptop instead. My go-to craving busters are nicotine lozenges and my calming aromatherapy inhaler.  As I also battle anxiety and depression, I've found aromatherapy to be a life-altering game-changer generally, but it might not work for you (If anyone's interested in an aromatherapy blog entry, let me know and I'll share what I've learned so far)


The Biggest Hurdle Number 1 By Far, So far was NOT having that morning deathstick!


My partner who smokes is being absolutely super supportive in doing so out of sight and encouraging me through triggers and cravings. I know he'd like to quit too and I'm hoping I inspire him to do so, and it's one of what I call my mental support pillars. Another is the mental image of the stuff I've been coughing up lately as I cut back countdown to Q Day Today!


Nest Big Hurdle: The 3 O'Clock Energy Slump