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Blog Post created by Maki on Jan 17, 2021

Excerpt from Hooked but not helpless . 


Do not Try To Get Rid Of Desires To Smoke:
The discomfort of wanting to smoke is temporary and will get rid of itself. When you have a desire to smoke work through the five steps (listed below).

Do Not Substitute Food:
If you "smoke" food whenever you have a desire for a cigarette, you will not only gain weight, you will never break your addiction. Desires to smoke will continue to nag you until you finally break down and give in.

Stay Clear Of Feelings Of Deprivation:
Telling yourself you can't smoke is a lie and will make you feel so miserable you will run back to smoking. Remember that you can smoke. You just can't do it the way you'd like to: NOW AND THEN or WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR HEALTH.

Give Up The Illusion Of Having "Just One":
One puff or one cigarette has never been enough for you and never will be enough. It will inevitably take you back to smoking your normal amount. The crux of beating a drug addiction is knowing this: IT IS THE FIRST ONE THAT DOES YOU IN.

Choose Between Real Options:
The only real options you have are these: going back to smoking with all the terrible consequences or staying off smoking with the many benefits. You don't have to like this reality, but YOU BETTER ACCEPT IT.

Focus On Benefits - Continually:
Keep in mind the specific benefits you are gaining from being free from your addiction. Counter your compulsion to smoke by remembering what you want more: your breathing, your freedom, and your peace of mind.

Get Smart About Junkie Thinking:
Every time you have a junkie thought, identify it and talk back to it. If you do, these irrational thoughts and plans will eventually lose their power over you.

Take Time Out When You Have A Desire To Smoke:
During withdrawal or in any high risk situation, get away by yourself for a few minutes to review the five steps (listed below) and get your thinking back on track.

Be Uncomfortable - Graciously, And On Purpose:
The discomfort caused by wanting to smoke is temporary and harmless, and it's your means to ESCAPE FROM SLAVERY. The desire to smoke will gradually become less intense and less frequent until most of the time you will feel like a non-smoker.

Prepare For High-risk Situations:
Most people who relapse do so within the first three months because they are not prepared for such things as travelling or emotional upsets. Stay alert and beware of overconfidence.

You Don't Have To Change Your Life:
Drinking coffee, having a glass of wine or eating spicy foods will not make you smoke. They can make you want to smoke. So your job is to treat the desires to smoke rather than avoid them. CHANGE YOUR THINKING, NOT YOUR DAILY ACTIVITIES.

Use Dreams Constructively:
Dreams about smoking are very common and do not mean you are doomed to relapse. The anxiety you feel in a dream when you realize you're smoking will teach you that, although you can smoke, YOU WILL NEVER BE HAPPY WITH IT.

Remember, There's No Cure For Addiction:
You will never be a non-smoker. A non-smoker is someone who has never had a problem with smoking, has never struggled to take control of that problem, and never has worry about losing control. You're an ex-smoker, and although you can be a confident and relaxed ex-smoker, you are always susceptible to relapse.

Expect To Have A Three-month Flare Up:
Many ex-smokers relapse toward the end of the third month because their health has improved and the side effects of smoking have disappeared. Don't imagine that time has cured your addiction. One puff and you will be back to smoking compulsively.

Do Not Nag Or Preach At Other Smokers:
You're only one puff away from a pack a day yourself. Take care of your own recovery and watch out for the influence of other smokers around you. Don't glamorize smoking: remember what it was really like to have to smoke all day every day.

Excerpt from Hooked but not helpless