Decisions = research education + action

Blog Post created by Maki on Dec 19, 2020

Gmorning ......

Back on track ... first thing coffee as I write this blog , second exercise. If I wait I'm less likely to do it . If I wait stress will likely get the best of me .

Now smoking is never a thought not during stress or anxiety , not this Christmas season or others past but stress and anxiety still exist . Action is the only thing to relieve them , and that takes research sometimes or discussion before a decision can be made , however in every case it takes action for the solution . It's how we quit smoking as well and it takes practise , commitment and responsibility . 


With covid , a lot of decisions have to be made for a lot of us right now myself included and it never fails when it rains it pours at the worst possible times . An telephone appointment with my doctor two days ago poses more decision making . Pros and cons have to be weighed just as when I quit smoking . What are the benefits of surgery being so soon ,especially now with covid at its highest point and  how can that even be with surgeries being put off because of covid , why can't it wait , what are the pros and cons . What are the facts , what is just assumption .  What is safer .

My decision . No one can make it for me . Just like keeping your quit , it's in your hands . You may get a second chance, but you may not ... choose wisely . Will you risk going to the store where covid is to get a pack of cigarettes and risk your life both ways or just not smoke . 


Smoking is not the answer , no  .  Smoking is never a cure for anything ! Will deciding on something with full knowledge help , yes.  Education is key . Following through with a decision is the next step and the last step . 


So thanks for letting me talk this through .


We have wind warnings today .. winds up to 90 ... so we will batten down the hatch and put the snow shovels away before they get blown away . Every warning requires a decision to take action. Last night we had freezing rain warnings  .. so many decided to stay off the roads . Day before we had snow and high winds . Shovelling was pointless as it just blew back in , so I waited . 

We make decisions every day , many times a day .. keeping your quit should be a priority decision followed through with action .  Number 1 priority every morning , every afternoon and every evening and if you find yourself wanting to smoke .. weigh the pros and cons of losing that beautiful quit . 


Stay safe all .