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Blog Post created by Maki on Dec 4, 2020

The Quit Ship 


When I was feeling like I was on a sinking ship , tossed in the waves of an angry ocean , someone threw me a life jacket and a raft. Before I knew it  I was sharing one of my paddles to help another . I was never alone . 

Some days I just sailed along and basked in the sun with the calmness of the waves and quitting seemed easy . My shipmates and I would laugh and we joked , and all was good .

Other days storm clouds would roll in and the waves would get bigger and it took everything for myself and my shipmates to hang on. There were many days we had that fear that maybe we couldn't make it , but we held on .

On occasion my own storms were SO big and SO intense that ALL got into the water with me . It was then we formed a survival circle and with our hands linked together them encouraging me and I them , together we held on and made it through . 


Each of us day by day grew in our quits and we knew if we hung on things would be better . We became a team upon a ship with no one captain just shipmates and quitmates taking the journey together captain of our own ship . 



Nothing is insignificant in this journey  .  Not one rough day , not one slip , not one relapse or the twentieth try . Not the insanity of the first few days and weeks , nor the feeling out of being out of control . Not one bit of anger or shame or shed tear is wasted .

It is all used for good .

                                   To be free !


This is the Ex ship and all are welcome aboard . We are a beacon of light for each other here . We share our quit trials here ; we learn how to sail here  ; how to navigate through unsettled waters and we learn how in the storms of life we can survive those storms .. smoke free .