Hope just a step away , I hope . 

Blog Post created by Maki on Nov 21, 2020

Covid restrictions with its seclusions are weighing heavy on me .  Not much fun to be around ATM . Taking a break for recovery I hope lol . Hopefull I'll be back with a much better attitude . I know I will be back smoke free. 

Music is the only thing carrying me ATM and I can't even seem to do much with that . The passion in that is dying too . I know I'm not likely the only one feeling like this and there is hope if the vaccine becomes available soon but in the meantime it breaks my heart that so many more are dying. 

    No worries , I'm tough , I'll be back soon .. Perhap  this is more of a vent than a disappearance , time will tell but I think I need a break again to save YOUR  sanity and mine lol . 

Anyone else feel like venting , welcome to do so ... vent away , this is not easy for any of us . Christmas is coming , perhaps there will be good news next week .