Quitting : Frustrating , complicated , stressful    relax

Blog Post created by Maki on Nov 21, 2020

Yup I felt you tense at the word frustrated , complicated and stressful , but how hard was it for you to relax ?

 Could you breathe or were you still tense ?


Our first thoughts or at least mine when I started my own quit  was this   : " I " will be a fighter . 

" I " will guard my quit , protect my quit , fight to keep my quit , build a wall around thine own enemy ,  wear the armour   beat the enemy  , but sometimes it just lasted three days , sometimes a month , even 8 years once , and all was good until I'd surrendered to the crave and desire to smoke .

I would give in , feel weak , helpless , useless , embarrassed ,ashamed and by my perspective and analysis , defeated .


Building back courage sometimes took days to try again , sometimes months or in my case 8 years of torture .  I didn't see smoking as torture , I didn't see the disease it truly was , or what is was causing physically , emotionally or mentally . I saw no strength in me at all , only my weakness . 


Quit support sites like this one taught me not only about addiction but how my addiction controlled me .  I learned  I used addiction to survive , why I couldn't let go , why I couldn't relax , yet I could fight to the point of exhaustion and still lose the battle .

One day around 365 days quit , I chose to relax , to breathe , to relax my muscles , to let the tension go , wave the white flag and surrender to my quit . I was in it for life and so wanted not to fight anymore .

I began letting my thoughts of smoking go , trusting myself and I blew them into the wind like grain and chaff from the palm of my hand and I felt peace .  From that day forward I knew  nope was all I needed to keep my quit forever . 


Quitting is a process for each individual . I'm just sharing mine , yours will be your own story and lessons to share because when we do we see there aren't so many differences between us . 


I learned , but it took that first year ...

Don 't make quitting complicated. Keep it simple . 

Just Don't Smoke .


What makes it complicated is us and the addictive part of us that we grew up with for years wants to fight to keep our old ways . A pack of cigarettes , two or three was our security blanket . We have to put our childish ways down and grow up . A baby won't let go of a bottle or their baby blanket but we as parents know that they have to surrender them them to grow and guess what they do grow and they forget about that bottle and blanket . Give up your cigarettes and grow . 

The choices we make and how we react to cravings or thoughts of smoking is the only solution to quitting . We do that just managing each day one day at a time .

It's all any of us can do no matter how many days or years we have quit ...we are all equal .

Just one , one puff can end everything we've done . No testing required , it's true and fact . 

   Welcome the new you , ex smoker. You can do this . If you think you can't do this anymore and want to smoke , post , ex has your back. We are in it together .