Thank you

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 26, 2020

Thanks to quit sites like these , quitting is possible . 

Today is my last day here at Ex .  I've done some long hard thinking and I've decided it time to quit thinking about smoking in every context . My bro helped me realize this . It's time to let it all go .  I have only have stayed to pass it forward and now I say goodbye and thank you to all . 

I hoped to hear or see Larry  the caravan master on site before I left , I do hope he will be well soon and be back here doing what he does so well . Helping others . It just seems to be his calling to me . Thomas , thank you for educating us on copd . To everyone else for your support in my journey . 

Please NO responses , I just didn't want to fall off the face of the earth without at least letting you know and thanking this great site . In lieu of responses , because they will only bring tears , please keep your quits , that will bring me joy and happiness    Your worth it .