Staying Accountable

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 25, 2020

How ? Why ? 

Because staying accountable pushes me to get to my goals . How ? For me that was staying accountable first to me and when necessary to others as well . 


Staying accountable puts me in the position of control over my goal if it's quitting smoking , losing weight , or getting a task done . 

Daily I decided to not smoke and to do something different . To take charge over my thoughts . 

Daily , since this pandemic I committed myself to walking . I did so for three reasons .

1) to help get through the pandemic  

2) at the very least maintain my weight rather than having a gain through the pandemic  

3) to help my lungs . I have moderate / borderline severe COPD due to smoking cigarettes .  

How did I take accountability ?

1) by taking responsibility , advocating healthy behaviour self talk , then action by doing .

2) by joining a get moving group right here for inspiration , incentive and accountability and a quit smoking site for the same.  

Here  there was opportunity to walk the journey with others free of judgement . Here there was loads of understanding amongst ex smokers. 

Here was where success stories were the encouragement.

Then to be able to stay here , and give back that much needed hope to others was just icing on the cake.

So folks , that so impossible "to do " what we think you "can't do " , can be done ! 


What were the benefits of this accountability for me ? 

1) I quit smoking and stayed quit . 

2) I began to love walking .

3) My lungs did improve over last winter tremendously .

You are right l COPD will not go away but excersise helps to keep them awake and active l and quitting smoking keeps the gunk out. Healthy decisions , healthy lungs . 

4) I lost weight 

5) I gained confidence 

6) I feel better , younger , healthier and happier than ever before .


1) So my advise to any newcomer is to stay accountable to you , stay accountable to your quit , to your walk , and to others . 

Stay accountable , stay the course , stay quit and keep walking .