Time out 

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 18, 2020

                                                                     Time out 


Think those times are important in our health and in our quit . 

If you can't take what you need to help with your quit , if you can't see past things that annoy you today , if you find yourself agitated by what people say today or do , I say time for a break . It usually not the people , it's ourselves . I should know better after nine years that the side effects of a treatment for a blood disorder are the cause of my emotions being out of whack  two , three days a week and it's not the people , but im human and I'm still learning how to first of all recognize that , then deal with that side effect responsibly and not misdirect it. 

I need to deal with it responsibly without lashing out at others . Years ago I may have chosen to smoke , to lay blame , to misdirect my responsibility on to others . 

My treatment is necessary , just like quitting smoking is necessary for our , your health, our health  . I can choose to quit treatment or learn by my mistakes to recognize when these feelings are not my own . Combativeness and lashing out is not a solution just as smoking is not a solution .

I'm the first to admit that , so if I've offended anyone this morning or yesterday it's unintentional and I apologize and will do my best to be away from Ex during those times so not to disrupt the harmony here .


I am sharing because this is part of my quit . I wouldn't have quit had I not gotten this illness . I would still tell myself I deserve to smoke , I deserve fifteen dollars a day to spend on a reward of cigarettes even if it's foolish but it's selfish . 


It is the experience of only my quit I share . I can not speak for others but I love to hear others opinions . Everyone's experience is not the same but perhaps one person or many can relate to another's story  .  Perhaps itsyours. I don't feel there is one book that can give you all the answers you need to quit  although many look for that book or that magic pill . Some will say meditation , some will say prayer helps , and some will say support was their saving grace but all of them take you to do the work .  


This is a forum where freedom of speech , sharing thoughts , sharing our own personal journeys can be very similar ,  yet very different . All opinions , all experiences , all testimony is valuable . It takes a village in some cases for us to learn what we need to about this addiction in other cases it does not anyone .


Let everyone speak . Take what you need , leave the rest , do what works for you , believe whatever you need to , to keep your quit moving forward .. that's what matters most . Everyone want their fellow ex member to quit wasting life smoking . Time is of importance . Life is short . 


As for me I need to just relax today , take a time out , recover today , maybe pamper myself a bit more today , let go of my anger at having to rest and enjoy it .  This too shall pass are words I've found great hope in when I quit smoking I will remember ......

                       this will pass and it does

                                But  for now until it does

                                      I will take a time out and be grateful for what I do have not angry at what I feel . 





No responses needed , I just had to get this truth out for myself to heal things that need healing . Thank you for letting me share .