The package on the ground

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 17, 2020

The package on the ground was a cigarette package . I could pick it up , ( if I wanted  or needed to ) . I could check inside to see how many cigarettes were there and had their been one back nine years ago maybe I would have thought about keeping it , maybe even smoking it . That's addiction .....and those were my addiction days  .

( Thats said however I could never smoke someone else's cigs .) but I know many people who did . 

Ew , who knew where they had been was always my thought . 

I wouldn't even give a cigarette away to someone who would pay me a dollar or sometimes offer 2 dollars for just 1 . Why , because I knew "just one " was feeding their addiction. "Just one" could be the start of addiction , or " just one " could kill . 


Now during my walks I often see a cigarette packages on the ground .

I feel repulsed by them . I'm disgusted someone could litter like that .

Now that I no longer smoke I can easily walk around it , ignore it , or I could pick it up , check inside or not , or bend down , pick it up and toss it back .... I can pick it up and chuck it where it belongs ....... in the trash ..... or just leave it there and move on ... Thats when you really feel freedom of choice and in control .... you are no longer powerless over your addiction when you choose how you'll respond to temptation and to Big T lies , deception and brainwashing .  


If you are deciding to quit , quit , relapsing , staying quit ... choose what to do with your cigarettes, choose whose in control , choose to take your power back . You can be in control of the decisions you make . Your can be your worst enemy or biggest support . If you think your cigarettes is what keeps you in control , keeps your weight in check , your temper calm , your stress and anxiety manageable , your loneliness company ...... you are letting your  addict self win .  You don't have to be strong to beat addiction but you do have to surrender your cigarettes and see them for what they are . If your fighting , addiction will resist .

Cigarettes can no longer be a cover up for what you are scared to face anymore . There is no shame in admitting your denial , that's what gives you strength .  Take that power back because perhaps , just maybe , your purpose on earth lies in that . 


I will stop now lol ... I just so want everyone to know you are worth the freedom from this addiction or others if you have them and YOU CAN do it . Stand up for yourself , be proud of yourself , none of us are perfect that's why we can help each other here .