Blows my mind

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 16, 2020

Yup blows my mind . I was doing a little research on big tobacco companies and what they own other than Cigarettes. Without any mention of names I would suggest you all do some very important reading and just see what kind of people you are buying in to and where your money is going . It didn't surprise me . So then I got a bit more curiosity about who they've given money ( donating) to.

Who they support and why do they give them money is to keep themselves in business . They are the powerful over the powerful . You would be surprised . I was not and still doing more research . Now I can't post the links I don't think or the names of who they have given money to and why but I encourage you to read for yourself . 

You see back in the old days they paid movie stars and Drs , and high profile people .. they were the power to influence us but did it stop when it was taken off T.V ? Ah no . There is someone even bigger . They are still using the powerful to  kill inocent oeople like you and me for more money . 

I don't trust Big T as far as you can throw them and you shouldn't either ...  cigarettes will always be on the shelves , possibly vapes too unless we stand against this globally and collectively .