This is your place . Welcome to Ex

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 15, 2020

If you think weight and smoking go hand in hand then you've come to the right site. Here you can manage one thing  , both things , or more . 


If you are underweight quitting smoking will help . If you are overweight quitting smoking will help .

You can take charge and manage your weight when you want if you want , how you want but do it healthy . Smoking is not the answer . 

If you choose to wait on the weight and quit smoking first you are still very much supported . You make the choices how to manage your quit , your weight , your life . If you choose to tackle weight after you quit you still receive the same amount of support and if you look around the site you will find places you can join up with others getting active . 


We smoked for so many reasons ; many had to do with our self worth or our lack of self esteem , maybe lack of purpose .  Perhaps you were an emotional smoker . One who smoked when angry , sad , or lonely .  You stuffed how you felt in iwith every inhalation and exhaled the pain you had inside but it was destroying your gifts . Your lungs to sing , your heart to give . As you quit you will see a shift in the negative side of life and see more positive in your life . Smoking will have no value what's so ever !  Get excited about that ! Smoking is a drag ! 


This community is understanding , supportive and wants all their fellow quitters to succeed . We are just regular people from all walks of life who have struggled and faced some or all of the same challenges as a smoker and a quitter . 


Yes there are people here who have quit smoking yet they still struggle with something in their lives because it's life , but they know we don't need a smoke to cope . Smoking doesn't attribute to the cause anymore and it's certainly not the solution .

People are working things out in their own time . One day at a time is the gift we receive by staying quit . 


We are not running a race here and there is no competition . So if you you go to bed tonight and you haven't smoked you are already a winner .

We are all winners running in our own lane here , bettering ourselves as individuals to be a better community that in turn will help all who come in the doors of Ex that are looking for freedom to become smoke free .


There is no finish line because freedom from smoking doesn't end  ... it continues day at a time for us all  and we join our hands together in this community and share in the joy of this freedom one day at a time . 



Just a few things to help find your way around . Please check out the pledge every morning if you think that will be helpful to you then please join in . There is the get moving group as well as other groups . Note ... only some groups are active most others are not .  Active groups will pop up on the right side of your screen on discussions .

Blog and share your day or your experience . Participate in discussions if you wish , or participate in the games. Ask questions when needed give a shout out before you smoke and ask for help . It helps you and it helps us too .

If you just want to read , that's ok too . Do what works for you to get your power back and your freedom . 


                                                                This is your place . Welcome to Ex . 


Maki .