Craves just hurt a little while but ...

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 11, 2020

Smoke ...

Go on do it ... go right ahead ,

But if you do , just remember

You made your own bed. 

You are in charge ; you made the plan , 

Its time you make decisions and choices 

What to do with your hands . 


To smoke takes an action ...

Actions you willingly take   . 

Smoke it or choke it , suck it or butt it ,

Whose glory will you stand  ? 

The cigarette you hold as idol   

Or for woman and for man . 


Take steps to change your thinking ...

Take steps that will keep THIS quit safe .

Remember the reasons your in this 

And why you came to this place 

It's not that you owe us strangers 

But to yourself that you deserve . 

To free from the shackles of addictions 

That for years you obeyed and served . 





We all started with a decision . The next following are choices . 


I still remember my first weeks quit x2 because you see I had two quits . One lasted eight years and now my second here is heading towards ten years quit . I lost that first quit by making a decision I had the power to make . The next days after that were followed by bad choices I made .

I learned from that first mistake that I have the option every day to smoke or not and the outcome of my smobreity depends on me alone .