Exventing my load 

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 10, 2020

Someone was going to start a vent . I haven't seen that take shape . Hope it will happen . Dale , think it was you but not sure . We used have a vent tent years ago on the old old quitnet . A place to vent drop it off and leave it without reply , without judgement . Some of you may remember it . I found it extremely helpful in my quit .

Safe vent , don't smoke .

I posted vents before here . This is my exventing for today . 


Venting ! Yesterday was perhaps my last day out for a while again . Covid is increasing rapidly in my city , rapidly ! If it continues we may have more restrictions than even in early March . People are getting tired and getting lax . I am as well . I went  places yesterday more than I have in 8 months . It was pretty foreign shopping with masks , plexiglass , alcholol  swabs , and hand sanitizer . Dressing rooms closed . No dining out,  shelves empty , stores empty . Some of this is not foreign however,  due to my illness , btw hate that too . Would like to stop treatment because of side effects knocking me out , but also hate being sick all the time prior to treatment But grateful that although it can't be cured yet there is pretty good treatment .  I miss out on a lot of things because of it and people don't understand . I complain a lot about it , it's true and tired of saying sorry and putting on a smile when I don't feel smiley ! I feel exhausted ! I can't  keep up with all the chores on my own anymore l 

BTW k Im tired of being an only parent when it's a two parent job too . 

Grateful ..Grateful I never have to smoke over any of these things anymore or even think about smoking . 

Caution : take heed ... Don't let what your feeling inside lead you astray from keeping your quit . That's nicodemns trick . Stay strong . You can do it . 

I am concerned for family , for the world , for things I can't change for others . It crushes me to see people hurting because I feel it , right  in my gut .. so I can't imagine their pain and don't want them to be hurting . Life is inexplainable sometimes isn't it .

Thanks , I'm just going to leave this here and write up my gratefulness list . Quit smoking is number one . 


 Thanks for MySpace to exvent my load today .