Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 8, 2020

I was a young girl when my dad spent multiple times in hospital . Junior high and high school . He was mostly in for Pneumonia and pleurisy . The reason he got those illnesses was never mentioned to me .

Doctors perhaps mentioned to him to quit smoking but this would have been roughly 45 years ago . Heck doctors too smoked and a lot OF them . Of course Big T used doctors for advertising . What a convenient set up for the rest of us .

Many times I didn't know if my dad would make it home . He was so sick . Many times things looked really grim when it came to his health . 

I didn't think he would be at my grad on grad night because he was in the hospital but my dad made it and we had the first dance . ( My guess is doctor didn't let him go ) he would not stay in hospital .. a feisty man he was . 
My dad was a two pack a day smoker .

Nicest man one could ever know .

He wasn't a movie star or musician or high profile man . He was just a regular guy , with regular education , a hard worker , and a heart of gold .

All the things he was in the hospital for could have possibly and more than likely been avoided had he not smoked . Him dying at 67 may never have happened had cigarettes been not deemed as safe and on the shelves . Today big T is paying for support efforts helping people quit smoking to look good ... because they were told to . Ordered to , if you look at court documents . Do they care .. no . Vaping safe ? Really ? 


Smoking is hard on the immune system lets not forget that . We need our immune system in order to fight disease . In order to fight the disease smoking causes and diseases smoking doesn't cause . 

I was never told that smoking may have been the reason my dad was in hospital . He had pneumonia , he had pleurisy , he had a heart attack  but smoking as the cause was never talked about .  Never ! 

Cause of death on an obituary  ? Smoking ?

 It's too late to speak then . Before they died was the time to speak , but that was a different era and most in histime and before didn't know what we know now. I am not even sure doctors spoke much about smoking back then .
Many doctors actually smoked themselves thanks to Big T paying them off . 


It is important IMPORTANT we as Exes speak up and speak out to the younger generation before they start smoking . 

It's important we as Exes speak out to the middle aged and the elderly who are still smoking . Don't start . Quit and Keep the quit . Teach them about Big T tactics and lies . Stop Big T and those who buy into them for profit . Children are still crying over their parents ,  grandparents, aunts, uncles and siblings graves who've died from smoking . 

We are fortunate we know more now about smoking than our parents and grandparents had the chance to .  We are fortunate we have Drs that are more knowledgable about smoking now than in the past . We are fortunate we have internet they never had and we are fortunate we have addiction centres and have support and so .....we don't have to be silent .  Quit , but also speak . Tell your truth . 

Today is my dads birthday . Smoker yes, but he is my dad and my hero . So I'm going to celebrate his life today ! 

Yes,  my dad passed of smoking related diseases . Twenty five years ago he passed away but the disease started long before . It started when he started smoking . Thank you Big T .

Yes I'm being sarcastic and I am angry with you 

               But it's true Big T

                        You took a dad , you took his money , and his health . You left me today alone celebrating a birthday with memories ...l you left me alone barely an adult while my dad fought for his life in hospital and while many still have their parents alive today I do not . You took my mom away from me early too , but they are resting in peace free from your clutches . My kids don't have two wonderful grandparents Big T .  In my eyes I think of smoking as murder really and I'll be darned you take ME from MY kids and my grandkids without a fight and hopefully everyone on this site sees smoking for what it is and you for what your worth . 


Folks stop buying into this gang and pack of lies . Go out and do the opposite of Big T .. go out and save lives ,