Weight , an excuse not to quit

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 5, 2020

@Is weight your excuse not to quit ? Are you afraid to gain weight . Do you tell yourself you can't afford to gain more weight . Do you tell yourself you can't afford to smoke . 



I think weight and smoking are not talked about enough on sites .  There is this "idea " that we have to be a perfect size , although we are all made uniquely different hair , different colour of eyes , different shoe size , different height , different skin tones , yet weight should be perfect . 1 point over you are overweight .. 1 point over your obese 1 point under your underweight , one point under your anorexic . @



Weight is something that is judged and talked about more than anything else in the world I think .

Big T picked up on that fast and their team of advertising writers ( some with pyscology backgrounds ) knew the right words to use to target overweight and obese people . Teens especially . Women especially .  

Men , they targeted you with imagery of being that perfect macho man women would swoon over if you smoked . 



Many continue to smoke today stating it is for weight management but is that the truth or is it just another excuse not to quit . Really how can we believe such a thing that smoking is another way to manage weight , something we do to ourselves and something we can change without smoking to manage it . 


Do you really think you or other people started smoking to lose weight or manage weight or was it a self image problem , a self esteem problem , or the need to be perfect or other reasons ? 


This opens up the door to another question that I've always pondered over . Could addiction be a disease primary or secondary to something else like other diseases ? Or is it a disease at all ? Do you follow what I'm saying ?  I don't need an answer , just I think it's something to think about for you . 


I wonder if we were to look at the root of why smoking became an addiction for us personally and individually  "quitting smoking " might be easier . Denial is what keeps us trapped .  

Do we have to confess openly , I don't think that is necessary but I do think we have to be honest with ourselves whole heartedly flaws and all .