Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 2, 2020

My heart is heavy ,

The steady beat that once was, 

Afflicted by discord and dis-harmony . 

How it yearns for peace , 

Kindness , understanding and 

                  Love . 

The heart was not meant to be broken 

Or the current to flow erratically 

But in perfect time flow freely 

In peace with all mankind . 

The heart is heavy and one can not breathe 

When one carries sorrow or heavy burden . 

It weighs heavy for those who suffer in silence . 

Those who have no voice .

Those who can not speak . 

                   For themselves . 

Protect the heart , with heart , 

                    Have heart . 
Let it permeate deep within your soul
So it radiates a shining light ,

Bright for all the world to see and feel and touch
For you never know ones tears
May be your own one day .


To be continued lol . Maybe ... as itsput on me .  Distraction is one effective way to delay a crave for those of you who are newcomers . Writing is another way .  Putting down your thoughts , rather than letting them fester like a pop bottle ready to explode after a shake or two is far healthier than smoking . There are ways through this rather than lighting up and you can find a way that works for you . Keep everything you do in love . 


Maki .