Take what you need for today leave the rest .

Blog Post created by Maki on Oct 1, 2020

Take what you need , leave the rest 

Every one here is doing their best 

To help a fellow quitter . 




Take what helps your quit ; let the rest sit 

One day in the future it may be of value to your quit 

Just  .....  

       not  ....  

               now ... 


Maybe you're not ready for it . 




Take the good , take the bad ,

Dont get angry ; don't get mad . 

Our differences may be the strength you lack . 

And your strength may be what I need to hold on . 




Hold the tongue and think a bit 

Is addiction playing out in emotion

                                 just a little bit ?

Causing you to fight in order to keep it ? 

Causing pain and wreaking havoc ? 




Thats what addiction does 

It ruins relationships and steals friendships 

That could last an eternity 

Steals our value and our worth

So no one is a winner but it . 



Just some doodling on paper as I think of how ugly this addiction can be , the hurt it can cause , but also the lessons we can learn .