Through the lense of a camera

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 29, 2020

We have all seen the horrid graphics on cigarette packages but it doesn't convince most addicts to quit . Why ? 

If we see fire do we ignore it ? 


Recently I took a weekend staycation to the mountains.  Below are the three sister mountains in Canmore, Alberta . 

(Feel free to google them and learn how they got their names and what their names are ) 

On a relatively clear day this is what the mountains look like . 



Photographer unknown 




Above Is a picture I took of the three sister mountains the first day of my trip .  Can you see the three sisters ? ( top left ) Smoke from the wildfires was so thick you could barely see them . I think of my lungs and smoking . If we could see what happens when we inhale that puff would we still smoke ? We only see the plumes of smoking left behind when we exhale. Second hand smoke . 




Here is a pic again of the three sisters ( top left ) that I took from the Nordic centre the second day of the trip . Smoke in the area from the fires had considerably dissipated from the first day .