What will change if we quit when we quit .

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 26, 2020

I don't talk about it much anymore ( smoking I mean ) . I don't think about it much anymore either outside of when I come to the Ex and in real life it is not part of my day at all anymore .


In the beginning of my quit I thought about quitting , then about smoking , about about beating addiction  , about losing to addiction . 20 times a day at least I found a reason to think about smoking .  I saw people more than ever smoking those first few weeks . Smokers were everywhere ! Somedays it smelled great , others it was disgusting . 

I could taste it , smell it and I missed it so much I thought , but it was part of the process to heal old memories attached to smoking . You have to go through to get past . 


20 times more a day I was anxious and stressed with craves . But wait what was wrong with my thinking ...didn't we already crave cigarettes for years when we were smoking ? 

Every time addiction spoke , we craved then we resolved it temporarily by smoking . 

It was more than addiction , more than a habit , more than a routine . It was all of them . We were in an endless cycle of self harm called addiction .  I promise you stick with your quit , you will break the tie to addiction ,  feel at peace and the craves will go poof !  . The craves will dissipate and the love for your quit will permeate your heart and give you a love attack . I promise you that . 


Maybe you are thinking the world as you know it as a smoker will end . What or how can you live life as a non smoker ? It will end but I say that with joy for you because you maybe don't know it yet , but life is so much better without a cigarette . A whole new world is going open up for you and life ad it should be  begins . 
You will learn not to live in the past as the smoker you were but live in the present as an ex smoker you are now .  Get a taste of that and you'll want more . Be determined , patient let time do its work . It will happen . 

The time we spent in doctors offices because of smoking you will always remember to remind yourself how far you've come . If you aren't feeling that remind yourself if you were still smoking how much worse it could be . 

You won't forget the time you spent holding up a wall on a dark and cold snowy winters night huddled from the storm or days drenched in rain trying to flick your bic lighter only to feed a crave and make it go away . You will be grateful those days are in the past and you can sit in your cozy warm house crave free .  Those days are coming , but if you aren't feeling that yet don't give up ... I promise you ,  you will and it's great . 

Time time we wasted not seeing our children do things as children remind me that we can't hold on to the past but we can still create a better today for our kids and our grandkids  ....hold them more , love them more , sit with them more , hear them more . I can tell you if you are in the outs with them for wasted years past that may change too . Change the things we can is what I always think , don't change others , it's not our job . If you are going to change one thing in your life that will give you multiple benefits ... stop smoking .