The reward

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 20, 2020

I posted this as well in the get moving group but also wanted to share with those who don't come to the group . The double post is intentional . 

I have made a few changes for the blog  . 

Yesterday and the day before I walked almost the entire day . Of course stops but just short ones . The trails and paths were a delight , they were new to me and scenery was amazing ! I just kept going and going . It was worth it !
If this were last April , now way could I have walked what I did . Lungs were such in bad shape mainly because of last winters lack of movement ( copd ) depression to a degree , quit and medication weight gain . If I were still smoking and stayed stuck in an inactive lifestyle no way could I've walked what I did this last three days . I know that for a fact . My feet wouldnt have carried me , my lungs wouldn't have breathed for me , ( read up on excersise and copd just how important exercise is ) and I would have not been inspired to move by myself or by anyone else . Change had to happen . Change in my thinking , change in my attitude , change by action . 



With a little effort and commitment ; one day at a time we can celebrate the little things that are truly the big things in life.  

Today ( for me ) is rest day . No walk planned , but housework is . Definitely no smoking is planned .  Change can happen quickly when you make the decision to.


Keep thoughts focused , simple and plan . 




One day at a time , one step at a time . Odaat, osaat reward .