What do YOU think ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 14, 2020

One thought can ignite a spark , 

and that spark can lead to one puff ,

       and that one puff will set off craves

       like flames to a fire . 

                                         One puff is never enough 


One puff will take away all you have worked for 

Time you could have spent with family 

        Take you back back to day one ;

        Take you back to smoking ;

        To being an addict

                                             One puff , is never enough                                    


Is it worth it to throw your quit away ? 

Is it worth it to fail or succeed . 

Why not wait another day ?  

                                          One puff is never enough 


Just for today that's all it takes 

Just for today , push through . 

Just for today , pause and think 

                                               One puff is never enough