You know what ....

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 12, 2020

Wavering ? 


Keep the Quit . 


Please take care of you .You are your best nurse and caregiver . You are your best doctor . You are the best CEO of your profession and job to quit . You know what it takes to say no to your addiction . You know what you have to do to keep your quit even before you read advise . You know you can't smoke to be quit . You know to reach out before you smoke because you know you have the support here to help you through . You know when you are planning failure and when you are planning

success so my question is what are your plans today re your quit ? Is today going to be a good day or a bad day ? 

You can decide right now.  


As for me and my quit today ? 

I'm staying smoke free .

How will your quit go today ?

The decision is yours always .