Believe in the positive

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 11, 2020

For those of you missing , we hope you are doing ok . I can think of a few Exes .  I haven't seen Larry or Larry , Christine , Indingrl of late and I know their are others !

Newcomers you are missed as well . 


I am also missing real life people and concerned this covid is really taking its toll on so many of us .

I know it is on several friends of mine . I worry for their physical and mental health . I worry for mine . 


I was reading mandolinrains post yesterday ... I misunderstood and yet could relate . So thank you for writing such a thought provoking post ( I hope everyone will read it ) . The rest of THIS post is inspired by HER post . 


I was in the process of a life change when covid hit and when the worst thing ever happened in my life . That was all happening  just when it couldn't get worse I thought but ......  it still gets worse . There are days the anxiety turns into panic and I can't breathe  Right now the only thing that keeps my head above water and keeps me hopeful is my quit . I don't have to smoke to get through it . Smokers are very strong people believe it or not . Maybe I won't get through this unscarred the rest of my life but the power is not mine it's in someone else's hands  . To smoke or not was always my choice and it was always within my power to say no .


This is not in my control . 

I walk , it relieves the stress , I excersise , it relieves the anxiety , I walk and I excersise to keep strong , to keep active body and mind  , to feel better in the midst of the storm and being quit reminds me I am strong ; that I CAN and get through no matter what .

I have to be positive because things could be worse , may be worse but being negative I would drown .  


If you think you can't quit you won't . If you think you won't survive , you won't , if you think of giving up , you will . 


Believe in the positive and the positive will come back to you . Be patient yet persistent . Be encouraged and encourage . You will be free .


Odaat , Osaat .