Seasonal changes that can affect your quit

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 3, 2020

It's that time again . A change of season coming upon us . For beginner quitters that could mean several things ;

FIRST : a new and different set of triggers to work through .

As the weather changes season to season so does our behavior and attitudes about them and our smoking patterns change as well . We went from patio and deck smoking to perhaps more garage smoking as fall and winter drew closer or even to house smoking to escape the bitter cold .

We huddled on street corners and leaned against a wall at 5 o'clock , six o'clock,  seven o'clock on  frosty mornings and late dark nights with  our hands cupped around a cigarette to protect it from the wind . We lit the dang senseless thing that mattered more than our hands and feet freezing  and then we gasped for air . 

You are likely going to miss that a time or two your first season quit , that is until you really get that "ah ha " moment . when you realize how  much your quit means to you , how grateful you are for "not smoking " ; how grateful you are to stay warm ; how grateful  you are to have extra cash and how grateful you are to have more precious time and many more seasons to come with family .


The full moon affects our sleep patterns and our mood , the change of seasons can affect your quit as well  ( the first year especially) You may feel yancy or unsettled as one season changes to another . We smoked for different reasons different seasons   . You may feel a bit more anxiety as they approach or even have a few more craves that just come from out of the blue  . It's normal should that happen to you . It's also normal if none of this happens to you at all . I'm only sharing my experience . 

If that happens think of the change of seasons before you change your mind about your quit and want to smoke ok . 

Be aware CHANGE of seasons can be a trigger and keep the ground you walk on EVERY SEASON of your quit  solid .

You are quit and that will NOT change UNLESS you give in .