How to stop the cycle ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Sep 2, 2020

I was doing some heavier thinking this morning about smokers quitting smoking  .  In particular relapse quitters mostly but also about elders who stay engaged in quit communities . Why do we do what we do . 


I know this is a very personal topic so you will not find judgement here . These are just thoughts that have run through my mind as well as questions I pondered about this morning . It really had me thinking about how one achieves their own personal success . 


What triggers people to relapse ?

How does one deal with their relapse ?

Why do some relapse and others don't ?

Is it a necessary part of recovery or an expected part of recovery ?

Should it be expected ? If so why  ? If not , then why ?

In what ways are we the same as addicts and in what ways is an addict different from each other . Are we the same ? How can one stop the cycles of slips and of relapse ? 

What other kinds of cycles are there when we quit smoking ?  


Slip cycles , relapse cycles  , yo yo quitting cycles , site hopping cycles ( hopping from site to site ) pity party cycles , blaming cycles .  What all does that mean and how do we stop the cycle of abuse we self inflict  ?

Is saying NO enough ?

Will saying NO to smoking and holding ourselves ACCOUNTABLE to that rule work if we we etch those words into our mind day after day after day ?

What new pathway of thinking will you need to make change in your heart and in your head to stop your impulsive or repetitive slip and relapse quit cycle ? 



Cigarettes do so much more than just physical damage and harm . You know that just as I do . One puff is how we all got started .    JUST ONE  ! 
Smoking caused a cycle of psychological and emotional dependency that gave us the false sense that our ability alone is not strong enough and we can do nothing without them . It's NOT true . We all possess qualities of value and purpose and gifts that can help one another and you are strong enough . 


I wonder , what does a person think or how does a person feel who slips ?  

How do they perceive themselves when that happens and what is their need immediately after ?

Is their immediate need forgiveness ,  to cover it up , to be honest , to lie , run , hide , because those too can be cycles that keeps us stuck . Do you need to stop those cycles ?

Do they think they are unworthy , not able, less than ? Do you need to stop thinking that ? 

Perhaps if we can pinpoint the origin of our why we relapse we can avoid the relapse cycle completely .

I think of pain transferance ... a pain in your hip may not be a pain in your hip at all , it may originate from something else . Maybe it's your back that's the issue . Why do you really smoke ? What lie are you believing ? 

I urge you to look for some answers today from within yourself .

What repetitive cycle of doing and thinking do you have to stop because it's holding you back?

What repetitive thought or action will help you stay quit ? 

Stop the cycle whatever it may be today . 

You are of worth and value and a gift to us all . 


I hope you will share your quit story with all of us here and stay here .... there is so much power in testimony ... YOUR testimony matters ! Your testimony can make a difference in your quit and in others quits. You have a purpose ! You are of worth and value and you are worth quitting for . 





one day at a time

one step at a time .