No one is better qualified than you .

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 31, 2020


Slipped up too much ?  I believe it's because we are living in the past ; living by past mistakes , past hurts , past failures, resentment , grief , whatever we used smoking for to mask and cover up our pain .  ( are you the emotional smoker ?  ) 


If one is told over and over again that they are "not too smart " they are "way too fat "  or they will " never succeed " you may start to believe that . That's why we need support , we need to hear we can do this .

It's amazing isn't it how people can be so easily convinced both negatively and positively .

Big Ts tactics were mainly by advertisements created by using psychology to seduce you to smoke . They used the five senses . Touch , smell , taste , sight , and hearing  . People are always attracted to the positive and driven to find it .

Big T fed our feel good brain receptors by words (speech) even before we lit the first cigarette that got us hooked to them . 


My thought for you today is to think about is what lie have you believed about yourself and about cigarettes .  How have you been influenced by others perception of you to believe you can't quit or perhaps someone has inflenced you by what they've said that keeps you quit .  

The answer to this could be you have believed your own lies . 

How does the negative feel ?  If the memory hurts , it's a lie . Think positively . What you tell yourself when you are quitting smoking can be the missing link you have been looking for in every support group .  It is the support you've been looking to nurture yourself and take care of yourself . 


Have you been on a fine line ?  __________  Will you take one step forward to success or take one step backward to smoking? Maybe you are just standing there waiting for the push from others , trusting others , instead of trusting yourself .  We can't make the decisions for you .

No one is better qualified to make the choice but you .  Will you be your best friend or your worst enemy ? Do you want the positive or the negative outcome in your quit today ? Do what you think you can't . 


The cigarette has no power when you understand you don't smoke anymore . 


Your quit can be easy .