Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 29, 2020

                                                                                       NO MORE 


                                             We can live our lives sadly by excuses , or we can live life by action .

Living  life , whining about life , circumstances , people , are an addicts enemy and tool .

Using excuse after excuse is draining  ;  covering them up even more draining .

Not to do something ; not to complete something ; not to think positively ; not to do anything about our situation won't change the situation we are in . Its negative and doesn't feel good .

We have all heard the saying , "You are what you eat " .  I believe that's true . We were not ALL meant to be size  two or a size six , yet everyone wants to be . We are not ALL a size 12 or 14 , we are not the same height or the same build . Every one of us is unique and different , and that's how special you are . We are healthiest by the food we eat ;  how we feed our temple .

You are what you think you are and if you think you can't quit smoking you won't , if you think your no good , you'll keep finding excuses , keep,using excuses and smoking , if you think you can't succeed then you won't succeed .

Don't smoke today : walk today , think positively today , donsomething different today that will,make you proud of you today ,  just do one thing today you can pat yourself in the back for when you go to sleep .   Have faith in you , have faith in your ability , have faith by action !

We must move forward !  We must think differently  , act differently , do differently than making an excuse to smoke , or whine about weight , or whine we have no job , no money , no family , no home . We can use this pandemic to our advantage .