Repetitively nope

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 27, 2020

Happiness is not easy ALL of the time . It's not just THINK positively it's DO positively too then you can THINK positively .

Sometimes we learn valuable things from things that bring us UNHAPPINESS such as smoking , such as death , such as crisis and circumstances .,

Smoking for example caused us fear to quit not happiness , smoking takes away loved ones far too early and leaves us grieving . Smoking can leave us financially struggling . 

Smoking can leave us discluded for endless amounts of time from events , celebrations and family gatherings. 

Smoking doesn't fix things , WE need to fix things .

Smoking leaves us with feeling empty but WE can fill the void through healthier alternatives . 

Nothing gets better EVER by smoking . It gets better by making a CHANGE in us that won't allow smoking to control our lives anymore . 

                           It's not hard it's nope repetitively , repetitively repetitively 

                           All we have to do is decide and do . 




What was in our goal when we sought a quit site ? 

How can we ourselves make change within ourselves to become ex smokers permanently ! 

How can we change our belief system about smoking if we aren't willing to change , to learn , to accept help and support , study and do ? 

Its our responsibility to self first and foremost not to give in , but also a responsibility to others I would hope . 




When it's our time , we WILL leave this earth , and we will leave smokers or not .

Do you want to die a smoker ?  That's a question I asked myself . 

I doubt any of us want that , although we've all likely said in the past  " if I'm going to die I'm going to die a happy smoker ". 

                          Really ? Smoking makes one happy ? Smoking makes one uncomfortable !
                          Did smoking change why you picked up your first cigarette ? 


You don't have to ever go back to day one , not you , not me . We can end the cycle of relapse , of slips and of smoking . 

We can choose to be an ex smoker each and every day forward and to be an ex smoker forever however long forever  may be .