Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 23, 2020


I do not need you to feel my pain
just understand ,
that it is there.
You do not need to hurt for me ...
All I ask is that you care .
Do not draw away from me ......
Your Laughter ...
Your love .... means most to me
When everything seems downhill.
Don't have the words to say ?
Just simply hear me out
Believe my truth is real
You're not in my shoes to doubt
In silence , people are suffering
Every day , there's someone else
Who reaches out for love
But instead their pushed right out
All they ask is that you listen
Nothing more and nothing less
All they ask is that you hear them out
Simply to be understood
That their pain is real
And all they need

right now ? 

Is someone there 

like you .



Maki ( sjl ) 


                                 Now we aren't smoking maybe we have more time to hear , to give and to love . 


                                                                           Life is short , make it count .