Time for joy

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 12, 2020

Lately all the stress talk related to covid , about politics, and religion over the waves is stressing me out even more . I will not give away my quit no matter what , I will do things and finds things that are pleasing to me today . Life is too short WORRY about what WORRY  I can WORRY about , so pardon me if I step away today to make some JOY . Although times may never be the same as they were today or ahead all I have for now is hopefully today so today is a good day . I won't waste it in smoking , or giving ismoking the glory . I hope newcomers you see more lightness than darkness todayfor today is a gift and you can choose to live it smokeless . I am grateful I don't smoke and grateful for the old old quitnet who got me here to the Ex whom today I am grateful for . 

My blogs are not really a blog , they have been an account of my journey , a biography I suppose , written to help myself but left behind to hopefully to help others . I can't tell you how to quit ,I'm no expert and  it is your journey . You know you better than anyone . You know your strengths , your know your weaknesses and you know what it takes and why you do the things you do .  It's my only hope each will share part their journey with others . What helped me most ,was testimony not preaching .