Newcomer Power

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 11, 2020

Proud of the newcomers to Ex hanging in there . I remember well those early days . You are all winners . You are trying , you are doers , you are quitters of the best kind . 


You have seen the value in yourself . No one can stop you from your goal , no one will . No circumstance , no stressor , no person nor crisis can make you smoke . 

You are strong , not weak , you are in control , not powerless  . You are worthy and you have courage . You have willingness and willpower . You have every quality within yourself , that it takes . You are not missing a thing you don't already have . You are bringing forth the things required within in yourself , to achieve your dreams . 


Give yourself credit , some shine , a pat on the back , a smile . You are awesome . You are becoming who you really have wanted to be all these years since the first day you smoked . You see now that you really lack nothing . You are beautiful .


Odaat , KTQ .