Quit smoking the first step ; endless possibilities to follow.

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 9, 2020

I mentioned a new goal I have taken on this morning in the moving group and that's to get off high blood pressure pills  and cholesterol meds . So under dr supervision ( she is aware of my goal  ) I've begun making more lifestyle changes in hopes one of the hbp meds can be at least decreased if not dropped completely.  


There are endless challenges we overcome that we may not even recognise when we surrender ourselves to quit smoking and a ripple effect of other healthy changes in lifestyle emerge with a new found strength we never thought we had .  


Quitting smoking has given me confidence to know that I can change the things I can and really do this . What harm will it do to take on the challenge .

It is not impossible . Not impossible for you or me . It takes faith by action just like quitting smoking . Work in , benefit out . Daily commitment in : perhaps those benefits will come further on down the road in some way . 


Willingness to take action and have a positive attitude are keys that fit in the keyhole to unlock those chains that bind us to being dependant on the things like addiction or medications to control what we ourselves can maybe change .  


Attitude ( as it does in quitting smoking ) does make a difference . Attitude gives us strength , gives us just the right amount of determination , gives us hope and continues to gives us joy , smiles and laughter amongst that work . There is always the opportunity to do what we think we can't do through hard work , action , commitment and attitude and who knows ..maybe you'll just quit smoking , maybe more .




                             Off for my walk cause I cant be just a thinker in this , I gotta be a doer too .