Housebound and agoraphobic

Blog Post created by Maki on Aug 7, 2020

Nervous th s morning . Happy to get out of the house , nervous because it's in a lab setting . Essential . Nervous . 

I am really beginning to take this seclusion very hard . I fear winter will do me in . The only way I'm releasing stress is walking and writing and both of those things are becoming work . I am losing my joy . I think I will be switching out walking for indoor Zumba to hopefully boost my spirits . Smoking is not an option unless one makes it an option . 

I found myself to be daring yesterday and although I should not be in anything but my own little bubble ( dr advised ) I called a friend and we are doing brunch this weekend  . I've had my limit ! If covid doesn't get me, all this stress which no one knows I'm in , the seclusion and now depression will . 

Thanks for listening . I've even gone so far this morning to say well if it's cancer oh well . Maybe I need to do like others here and just not come a while but right now it's the only communication I have. Would that do me in even more .. housebound and feeling agoraphobic is not a good combination .