If you had one last chance

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 31, 2020

Don't give yourself any leeway to make mistakes / room for excuses / or look for people to blame or reasons to fail . / keep your quit through everything . Get tough . You can do it . 

I am a smoking addict . One mistake , one excuse, one temptation and one weak moment could lead me back to where I NEVER want to be again . Smoking ! 

I LOVE the freedom I have from smoking and being free energizes me to stay quit .

Working hard for it is just TOO GOOD to lose. 


I know I can still can be tempted to smoke ; I am an addict , but the way through the temptation is to say N>O>P>E and move forward 


We will not choose our time of death but we can choose to live today free of smoking .


I hope you will choose that too . 


It's your call 



What will you choose ? 

Will it be the chance to live?
Or will it be to smoke ?


Will you turn to your addiction ? 
You have only ONE chance .... not two 

One chance to live 

Or one last cigarette 

Which one will you choose?