Quit attitude

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 23, 2020

What is your quit attitude ? Will you try to quit again and again and again ?  Do you believe if you fail once that you are a failure ? Do you believe if you try a hundred times that at least you are still trying ? Are you in that comfort zone ? 

Is trying to quit good enough ? Is it working for you ? 


Are you quit one day then smoking the next . Is it easy to go to the store and buy another pack ? Is that getting easier to do , than not .  Do you think to stop that gut suffering it might it be easier to refuse to lose , refuse to buy them , win over the temptation , beat it for good and be totally free ? 


Does it give you comfort or relief to tell others you are "trying " to quit because saying you are trying brings a sense of relief , does it make you less anxious ? Maybe you are satisfying someone else , or satisfying yourself  . Does trying to quit you give you a ticket out , people will forget , you'll forget  ?

Sure did me , until smoking caught up with me .

What will quitting take ? A scare to quit,  a diagnosis to quit or the desire to be quit ?  All you need is a speck of hope . You can quit ! 



Is being quit " forever " scary or is being quit " for / ever " a blessing ?  Think about that . Is being quit forever scary to you ? 

                                NO , it's a blessing ! Take from every quitter here over a year quit . No one wants to go back to smoking but we do understand , most of us started out scared to .


Are you sure you've done everything in your control and power to quit ? Have you reached out every time before you smoked . Have you come here in your own strength to read or ask for help before or after  ? Which do you think is the right thing to do to keep your quit ? 


Will you fight against this addiction so hard you can't breathe or will you surrender to it so you can breathe . Accept the choice you made . Acerpt the craves as healing , accept each and everyday as a blessing to learn how to cope without them . 


Will you be the one in thousands of people who try to quit who don't make it quit , or will you do it by faith and by action . 


Trying to quit btw is not failure it's a part of the process I believe , and you are not a failure but if you want to win over this addiction you have to go out there with the mindset that you are going to do it and you will . 




Note: @Written from the perspective of lessons that I learned . Maybe something I've said will help your quit or maybe not . Take what you need , leave the rest .  Many times when I tried quitting it was just to satisfy others or hush the noise in my head and convince myself I was trying .  I never actually quit until I had the mindset to do it no matter what , no excuses , no smoking . Keep it simple . Get a quit attitude .