What a difference a day makes

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 21, 2020

                                                            What a difference a day makes. 


Its true ! So wait it out , don't smoke . If you just have this one phrase in your mind as you quit smoking this is one to remember . When things get rough you will find the hope in these words every single day !  


When you think no one understands , when you aresearching for an excuse to quit quitting , or thinking you can't do this .... wait a day . Remember a day can make the difference you've been waiting for all your life . Don't give up before the joy and the difference in you happens . Keep going . 


When tomorrow comes , be grateful you waited. You didn't smoke yesterday and you can do it again today . 


If you've ever struggled with an illness you know a day can make a difference . If you've had the flu , you know a day can make a difference . If you got a gash from a fall you know a day can heal .  You will get through this if you do it day by day . 


Dont give in today because why ?


                                                          A day can make ALL the difference .