For starters there are so many questions . 

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 19, 2020

Will I get my laughter back ; my fun ? Will I feel myself again ? Will I enjoy my smoking friends and my non smoking friends the same ?

Will I fill the void ? How will I fill the void ? When will the void be filled ? Forever seems scary ! 

Will becoming an Ex smoker make me a sad old maid and party pooper ; an outcast , a hermit ? Will it get better or at the least easier ? Will the NRT work ? Is it better to use an NRT or go cold turkey ? Will vaping help ? Just how bad is vaping ? 
Is it normal to be scared ? Normal to be constantly think about smoking ? Normal to want to give up . Normal after the "three week breaks a habit " theory we've always believed in ? What if I can't do three days ? Or One ? How bout cutting down ?Is that ok ?  Is it normal ? I'm looking for excuses to smoke and trying to cover it up . Maybe I'll be a closet smoker . Is that normal ? Normal for my mind to feel foggy , normal to be constipated  , have acid reflux , normal to have anxiety , be angry , hungry , lonely and do flipping tired ? Is it normal to be crying all the time ? Am I losing it ? 
When will it get better ?
These are all questions new members might be asking and I'm sure tons more .

I asked these same questions .
What will I do without a cigarette in my hand , what will I do in a crisis , what will I say to my family and friends , will I tell them at all , what do I , what do I , what if , what if , what if .....what if this and that and the other happens ?  What if I fail ? What if I win ? 

What if I go crazy !

Can I have just one ? Is one ok ? One puff ? Just one ?  Am I a smoker if I have just one ? 

The answer is .... you will get through all of this while you are quitting . It will be easier if you don't smoke . How many times you will quit is up to you . It's your quit. You are in the drivers seat . If you need some directions ask ex smokers who have well travelled the road .  If you need support ask anyone here . Everyone wants to help . Also , give back . Your journey matters and makes a difference for all of us and for those to come .  We are in it together . What you learn from each quit is individual. Learn the first quit or learn from the tenth , but you will learn at some point that to be quit you can't smoke . 
Everything you are going through or will be going through is normal and you are normal .

You are right where you are suppose to be but be sure you are always moving forward and always practising your freedom to choose not to smoke , over smoking and to be able to do something different .
When will it get better ?  It has already .  Day one has already begun the healing . It's already getting better . Now make every day count not in numbers but in giving , helping, encouraging , inspiring , in gratefulness , sharing , caring , smiling and loving your quit . 


Maki 9+years ODAAT