You can make it happen

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 17, 2020

Feeling discouraged this morning with the same old . Ever get stuck in a rut or feel like you are in another Groundhog Day episode ? 

I think , I hope , I know , that is quite normal .

Not every day in life or the recovery process is going to be the same or necessarily something to jump for joy about . 

Accept it or change it ? 

Ok , ! Then I will change my day . The struggles are to learn from .  I will change my thinking .

If your stuck maybe you can change yours too .

We all can change direction . 
Regardless of set backs one can still move forward .... still look forward . Still see the light in the dark .



Close your eyes ................ now see the light ................ what do you hear , what do you want to hear ? What are you thinking , what are you doing ?

Change the negative to positive . Do by doing . 


Now open your eyes and open the door you've been trapped in fear behind or lived in discouragement behind  . Take a deep breath in , of some real feel good thoughts . Smile   if you aren't smiling yet , do it again . 


In a blink of an eye you can change , you can see light , you can see hope , you can think differently , see yourself differently and you can feel differently.

                       YES  !  When you "DO " you "DO " differently . You SEE differently and you FEEL differently . 


The dark times most importantly are for us to learn how we can move out of a dark place and move into the light ; change discouragement and see a gift . 


                                              Ok , go ahead , what kind of day do you want ? 

                                                                 Make it happen !