What's the reward ?

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 15, 2020

                        " You are what you eat " 


We've all heard this before , well yesterday I can attest to it .


When you have made the decision to quit putting junk into your body or quit smoking you feel tons better .

Your energy returns , your head clears , your confidence and hope soar , you feel better than ever before , then one day you get the idea you deserve a reward day . So you think a handful of Cheezies  (Cheetos I believe they are called in the states ) is innocent enough but one handful leads to two and two to the whole pack . 

Whether you think just one bag of Cheezies  , one chocolate  , or just one puff ...  ONE is the most dangerous of all ! One is NEVER enough . 

Maybe you think just one day of drinking ? Just one extra prescription pill , one whatever addiction you might have . "Just one thinking"  is a mistake that can cost you great discomfort , great pain and even death .


My reward experience yesterday after no junk food was this .


One Cheezie of course led to the whole pack and I feel like crap today . My joints hurt , I suffered acid reflux last night , nausea , and headache this morning yuk !  Seriously I was sick ! Was it worth it to think I was deserving of " just one "bag of cheesies  . Deserving to treat myself ? Was I smart thinking that one package wouldn't hurt ? No I was not but thanks to the lessons learned in keeping a quit  I learned a lesson about junk food and Cheezies  much quicker . 

I will NEVER have another Cheezie Ever ! And I'm serious about that . NEVER . Not having them was my biggest reward ever , One was not worth it . 


I like feeling better , feeling sick last night helped me realize that and junk food makes ya feel like junk . I feel exactly  like what I ate . Junk ! You eat junk your going to feel it , you drink excessively , your going to feel it , you smoke one cigarette your going to regret it . Your going feel like crap .  


Never think "one " is a reward  ... remember one puff put you in a hospital , one puff set off a copd exasperation or an one puff asthma attack , or one cigarette stopped that cold from getting better faster . One is the reason why we all are here in a support group quitting smoking today .  If you think of nothing else remember one can take so much away that you've fought for . 


Eat healthy , walk , don't smoke . Care more about what you put into your body and your body will give you back the health you deserve  . There's your reward .