"It's toasted" your throat protection - against irritation - against cough

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 9, 2020

Quiz Question . What brand of cigarettes does the banner refer to ? Not sure maybe you never had them in the states but maybe?  Answer is at the bottom of this post . 


Here have graphics on cigarette packaging . It does not change the buyers buying , in fact people were designing their own covers to cover it up . Smokers will avoid the truth because ..... well you have your own answer to that .

Read old court documents , learn about how they "use " children and the poor !!! I'm sure they are boasting they are giving them jobs but if you read you'll understand the truth.

Big Ts marketing tactics alone show how manipulating big T is and how falsely they give people hope .They hired people who knew how to play people . I'm sure they were paid well .
Its deceiving trickery . They offered all of us false hope when they added filter tips to cigarettes , made cigarettes with holes in the filters all to convince us each was a healthier and better option . All of that that was a lie . They introduced light cigarettes , again a lie . I bought into those , they were safer , they introduced slim cigarettes , longer cigarettes and now e cigarettes .

Can we stop them ? I believe we can , but it takes all of us to take action .
Only the people ( we ) ex smokers can give the true hope all who smoke are looking for . We can change things for future generations . It's not too late .

The doctors who've perhaps been smokers themselves can have an impact today that will save our health care dollars and help the environment in the future .

We can help the poor so they don't have to work in tobacco fields . Sharing is caring .
We have to be honest non profit advocates for a safer world not a safer cigarette . .

Big T bought Drs ( remember those old ads ) they were paid Drs and paid ads and it sucked in hundreds of thousands of people of ALL ages . Movie stars ( remember those ads) , remember some of your favourite shows like I love Lucy , google how they got into puffing on cigarettes . Movie stars were paid and now have they have bought world leaders too ? ( was I reading right ? )
What's their plan ? Something scares me ... I have a hunch .

( I've said this for years ) if cigarettes weren't on the shelves all of us would have to quit . It's true . Everyone then will quit . Only 6 /7 percent can quit for life within support group and while 6 percent are quit , another huge percent are starting e cigs , drinking or drugs .

You can't smoke what you don't have . Ban big T ; trace their supporters , and ban them too . They are playing with our health care system to accommodate the tobacco industry . Let them pay the hospital bills .
Hospitals were already full with people sick from smoking related disease because somehow they work the system to their advantage .. and now we have COVID .. no more said .

They tell us in a decade they don't want cigarettes around anymore , they tell us it's because they care and are only now admitting smoking was and is deadly ! Something they knew all along ) ? Why now ? Research it .

Then vapes , E cigs using the same sales lures and sales tactics were introduced . Using all the human senses man adores, touch sleek cool design , compact , in noticeable , taste , flavour , smell , fruity , or none at all . Cigs named E cigs without the word smoke but vapour safer than cigarettes ? Really ? What's up their sleeve ?
Why has the talk stopped on e cigs lately btw .... research . I have. Ohhh Big T cares about us lol .. sure they do .

Money money money is what Big T is all about ... they get it and they use it . 10 percent hope for us gives them 90 percent profit . Share a bit of that with big names like the old days and they have 100 percent or more support and soon profits that will soar more than ten fold .

So what can we do ? While support sites to quit are helpful we are not doing near enough . Big T continues to draw in youth .

To be continued .........


Answer to this banner question . Whatch for the next tomorrow . 

Lucky cigarettes .