Choose life or choose death sticks

Blog Post created by Maki on Jul 2, 2020

My best wishes to the up and coming smokers quitting . You will do it !  You can quit ; you are making the right decision . Doubt and fear or belief and trust . Do what feels good . Have faith in your ability .

If you have just a mustard seed of hope or hope only the size of the eye of a needle or just a speck you can and will get through .


The things you lack will grow .

But .... No confidence ? Refuse a dozen or so cigarettes and watch that confidence bloom  . You just need willingness to educate yourself about addiction and discernment . Goal thinking ( to be free ) and addict thinking ( to be controlled by ) The more you read , participate and ask questions the easier it is to understand addiction .  


Most think you need willpower to quit . It's not a battle of strength . It's the willingness to choose not to smoke and accept that whatever comes along you can overcome it as an Ex smoker . Power is a battlefield of the mind , acceptance is surrendering yourself and feeling internal peace of mind. Surrender !  


Some things in life we have no choice over . They are natural disasters but we do have control over the choices and decisions we need to quit .

Many think smoking is what keeps them in control but it's quite the opposite ..smoking  is controlling you . You have the power to choose and to make the right decision . Refuse to lose ! Refuse to smoke , refuse the bait . Choose life or choose death sticks .