Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 30, 2020

Pup is still with me . She is slowly getting better but a ways to go yet . One day at a time .

She is allergic to every thing ! 


Her and I are still learning patience just like when I quit smoking and along with that determination to find the right combination to keep her comfortable and perseverance in doing so . The reward will come .

It's trial and error but we are always moving forward using new tools or coming up with new ideas . One day we will find the best treatment plan we can . The key is never giving up !  

She is just a bundle of joy . She teaches us things every day and her unconditional love is obvious when she lets me treat her sores , clean her ears etc etc . Those big brown eyes just say thank you grandma puppy sitter that feels better . She never has  been a wiggly worm , she loves being a lap dog . 


I too had an asthma attack recently   ( lilac trees and white fluff .. love em but they don't like me . ) smoking also triggered them but did I care when I smoked ...nope addiction won for years .  Not anymore . Took my power back . 

Glad it wasn't Covid ..

Anyway grandpup and I we are quite the pair . I have her 2 more weeks , so by then she should be strutting her stuff . 


Just thought I'd stop in to update ya all . Thank you for the best wishes and prayers for her and for us . 

Hope you are all doing well , staying safe and keeping the quit . 

Was just thinking I'm sure this pup would be allergic to smoke too , so I am glad I don't do that anymore and no smokers in the family at all ! 


I will touch base again in a few days when I can . 

Hey , btw a shout out to the moving club ...and to newbies 

               Its the first time in a long time thanks to quitting smoking that I am able to look after mowing a couple yards . Ya me ... with moderate copd mowing not one but two lawns without stopping for breath .

               I owe that to quitting smoking and walking  !  

               Keep up the good work everyone . It does pay off .