Face Denial ; Be honest 

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 27, 2020

If ones not honest with themselves it's hard to be honest with others . Denial is one of the biggest challenges I faced with smoking . Did someone point out you are an addict and immediately you were on the defensive ? Did you put the full armour of protection on , protecting you and protecting those precious cigarettes ; that poison wrapped in innocent white paper and sealed in freshness until opened .

I know I certainly did . When someone dared tell me I should quit smoking .... like a cat in danger or protecting themselves , my hair would stand up , my guard was up , and " don't tell me what I am or what I should do " was my attitude.  I knew their truth was true . 

Once we face the crazy things we did to honour cigarettes and the reasons we didn't quit smoking ...

                                       THEN we can get to the business of actually doing it . 


                                       Admittance without judging yourself is a good start . 

                                                            Face denial ; be honest