Vent and Gratitute

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 20, 2020

A grateful attitude can really change your day and your life . It can change how you think about yourself and your quit . It can change how you think of others and how others think of you . So if you have a vent , drop it and leave it , find gratitude in it . 


I am so exhausted from walking yesterday ( went further than I should have ) but grateful because I learned that by stretching my limit I could do it and each time should get easier . 


Grateful I stretched out not giving in to craves as well .. quits are made of "not giving in " and going "beyond " the limits of a crave . Each time also gets easier . 


I am frustrated sometimes that there are things I can not do like I used to , but I am grateful it gives opportunity for others to help . Grateful my family are helping make my load a bit lighter by doing some leg work and research on a new adventure for me .  Letting others do , is hard for me and it is taking practice to accept that it's ok to let others help . I .M.  Grateful I can learn to let go . 


This morning I have felt very anxious about something but I am grateful I know the root so I can change the outcome . 

If we know that smoking is the root of the problem , then we can stop smoking . If we know it fixes nothing , then we we know smoking has no use and therefore not an option . If we are experiencing anxiety of a known cause then by action we can change our anxiety . 


Today is a good day because we can find gratefulness in every day ... gratefulness in every little thing that seems discouraging or uncomfortable or scary 


                                                                 All things come together for good .