I got through

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 8, 2020

It was dreary , rainy , windy , just miserable yesterday but I got through .


I did things in the house to distract from the gloomy day outside and not being able to walk .

I got through . It by focusing on what I could do instead . 


This morning I feel good . Got a lot done inside yesterday so I feel accomplishment . Yesterday  was not what I planned but no day really is our choice , we adapt , we change , we do what we can do .


I am grateful I no longer have to worry about my house today  or tomorrow but if it rains still today , I can rest or do the fridge . I'll get through .


My mornings coffee feels good , how was yours?  


I see a little sunshine this morn ... although my deck still shows signs of yesterday ( the  rain has not dried up yet)  . It's a glimmer of hope . By tomorrow we have a week forecasted of nice awesome walking temps ( not too hot , not too cold ) if it rains  I got through yesterday , I can get through today and I can get through all kinds of weather. 


I can just see it now ..

           envision with me ........the dust has settled , the trees and grass aregreener than before , the flowers will be just vibrant . They love both rain and sun . The beauty will be amazing on my walk and I'll be smiling ear to ear all because i can walk , I can enjoy , my house is clean and I got through . The rain was amazing ! 


Yes , isn't this like quitting smoking ? One never knows what to expect day to day , but we can get through it ,


So , if you are having a bad day today with your quit , or it's too hot , too cold , or raining , and hopefully it's not snowing ... but you can get through it. 


Hang in there everyone . 


Happy Monday morning .