Vent and Gratitude

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 5, 2020

Ok , I'm really tired of whole stay at home thing . Summer is short , but gratitude I am able to stay home and still manage . 


I am really tired of stress but grateful that when I look at the past I've come through it all for better or for worse and lessons were learned . Hard yes fun no , but  I'm still here  and still Kickin . This stressor too shall pass . There are always lessons to learn . 


Vent .

I am hungry lol . Grocery day is a day away lol and Mamma Hubbards cupboards are bare and my breakfast is still a few hours away ( on a fast for BW  ) but I am grateful I have enough to eat in my home . Creativity is being nurtured these days .  I have much more than I deserve . 


I'm grateful for the folks who show me their their openness , their resilience and strength in hard times . They teach me about understanding , compassion and patience .

I just wanna hug them thank them and love them because they show me everyday that life should be MORE about love .. more about love . Shout it and show it . Say it often . It's food for the heart , mind and soul . 


One never can get used to complete solitude .  I think it's the disease carrier of the world . We weren't designed to be that way .


I am grateful today I again have the ability to change my thoughts . I don't have to stay in a dark place . I don't have to be sad . I can find joy in a walk , or gratefulness in the ability to write  mistakes and all . I have the ability to see , hear , touch and feel . I am grateful and blessed .  I still have the ability to bring light to the darkness in someone else's day that will in turn bring light to my day be it a kind word, a wave , a song , or an I love you . 


I am grateful for diversity . It's not colour coordinated what gifts each of us have .  I think of these right now but there are hundreds and thousands of ways we were gifted to give and to love   . I think of those who have been given the gift of humour for they makes me laugh and smile . I think of the encouragers who just have that knack for uplifting , they uplift so many every day .  I think of those with the gift of compassion because they've been there and they know the right words to say to someone grieving  then there are those with a song in their heart that makes people like me me dance and sing . These things , these people touch my heart .. you too ?

I am grateful for those who keep me on the straight and narrow with my quit and those who don't let me stray . These gifts are in each of us us and they are love when gifted to others . Thanks for all the gifts you've given me . Because of you I'm still quit . I am so Grateful to you . 


Ok , I feel better . A vent helps put things into the right perspective when you find the lesson and light in your woes instead of the dark .

We are all attracted to the positive so let's not live in the negative without the gratefulness  . The clouds will part and the sun will shine .

I hope you will find gratefulness in your day and please remind me when I'm feeling lost ( as I often am ) that gratitude can lift us up over and over and over . 


                   Have a great walk or a drive today today . If it's raining be sure to take an umbrella .

                                                                   If it's cold, a jacket .

                        Take a smile .  It looks good on you , share it with others , then both will smile .


                                 Sometimes it really can be the little things that are truly BIG @things