The treasure

Blog Post created by Maki on Jun 4, 2020

Freedom is fragile
It can be lost with a slip of your hand
In a puff all that we have fought for
Will be destroyed like a piece of shattered glass
Crumbling to the floor.

That is how simple it is to lose a quit.
To lose everything you have worked for. 

Addiction fills the mind with unclarity , doubt and uncertainty 

It tells us we can't survive 
And we believed those lies for years 

But no more ! 

Put smoking thoughts behind now 
They stole so much of life 

We suffocated , glorifying them 
For death was too entwined.

Look in the mirror .... look go see 

Its the image of a non smoker 

The image of a treasure.

Precious , beautiful  and worth fighting for

That precious treasure is you .